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Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Well, actually, I'm just a simple artist. Just trying to develop her skills, because I believe practice is better than stealing. It leads to improvement in your art! :D

Thanks for visiting my gallery! If you're a Templar, stay out. :XD:

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As the title says, I used to be into fanime. This was back when fanime itself was in its prime - or rather, very early on in its conception when it was very popular. This was back in 2008 and 2009. I never made a full length episode, or finished anything, and remnants of it still remain on my channel, but I remember it was a nice time. It was laughable at how bad my art and animating was, but I remember the sense to strive to improve in this field. This is still something I believe in very firmly.

I say this, because two recent things have remind me of this time. One, I have been recruited as an artist for a game project which requires animation, which calls back to that time when I used to be all about animating. The second is the drama that occurred between 2008-2010 involving several well known people. I was never deeply involved in it, except to defend my friend against some very spiteful words directed towards her and was blocked subsequently for it. I was called names too, only through the simple act of association and defending my friend. It wasn't pretty, I remember. In some ways, I have seen things that have not changed. Some inherently deep things, which I understand can be very, very hard to change. I will not say that I am completely neutral to some of the negative qualities that this person who blocked me displayed/displays, but reflecting on the past four years, I'm glad to see that there has been progression. Not just for the one who blocked me, but for all those involved in this whole ordeal. And while I was personally never as deeply involved as the several who were, I have grown as well as a person and as an artist. And I think time just does that. Time and life experiences, and self-reflection that will lead to maturity.

This was a long time ago.

It was nice to remember my fanime days when I was a young artist. It was nostalgic and made me think about how far I've come in four years. I guess that's what happens when you become a "legal adult", haha.

Now, that's was quite a sobering statement. I promise to get a bit more lively now. :XD:

It's currently finals week at college, and I took my Bio exam today. I'm still quite busy studying for my other exams though. It's quite cold where I go to college too, and I learned this when I decided to go outside without a jacket. Worst. Mistake. I could make. I was freezing and my toes are still cold as I type this. D:

I got AC3 and have played it all the way through. Short form thoughts sans fangirling: It was great! :D

I also started working with my tablet again after a year+ (?) break from digital art. It's good to use it again. Though the versions of Photoshop I have are outdated for the PC I use, so it causes weird screen lapses and glitches. The same can be said of my Corel Painter (though that just has brushes that are compeltely new to me; I'll learn to use them later). Sai has been really great though, and I hope to learn how to use this program more. I'm currently just working with basics, but I love it so far.

My gallery also needs more AC! And just art in general. Damn, I'm slow to update it. Soon. HOPEFULLY. D:

Safety and peace, friends.



United States
Hey there. I'm Chuushiri. :D

So, there isn't really much to say here. I'm not that interesting of a person. :XD:

Safety and peace, friends!

Current Residence: United States
Personal Quote: "If you can't take even a small amount of criticism, why be a person of the trade at all?"

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hey?~ remember me? :)
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Hey, sorry for such a late reply. I do! How are you? Are things well? :)
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its fine!~ i'm doing good! yes they are!~ and I've improved soo much over the past 2 years~;)
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hey it's supasongoku, you probably don't remember my old account from like 2 years ago but im back and kicking,check out my new stuff :D 
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Oh hey! Sorry I haven't replied in a long time. I've been super busy. I remember you! How are you? :)
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yo i been super busy but im back and better than i was before. im good :) just hustling with everything haha. COuld you help me out and share my deviantart; like on tumblr, twitter, deviantart or whatever? It's been soooooooo long
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Happy Birthday hun! :D
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